Safe New Baby Baby Proofing Tips

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Baby Proofing Tips

Babyproof Your Home

baby proofing 

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            As a new parent you already know that the most important thing in the world is protecting your new baby; therefore, you should create a safe environment for your baby.  One of the best ways to create a safe environment for your baby is to establish a home that is safe for exploration and curiosity, which can be done by baby proofing your home.   Luckily, you can babyproof your home with little or no cost to you and all you really need is a sharp attention to detail and the ability to imagine the worst.  The key to making your home safe for a baby is to know what to do to prevent those worst case scenarios.

           While there is almost certainly no way to foresee and prevent every mishap in your child’s life, baby proofing your home can significantly reduce the risk of serious injury coming to your precious new baby.

            To get started it’s a good idea to first know what general things you’re looking for, which starts with examining each room in your home in order to eliminate any potential dangers.  Along with these general dangers, such as electricity and choking hazards, there are several specific baby proofing tasks that need to be done for each particular room.  These ideas are discussed in detail on subsequent pages of this website.

          The baby’s environment should be monitored or changed based on the developmental stage that he or she is experiencing.  In other words, you should learn basic baby proofing guidelines and make changes to your home when necessary.  All too often, small objects magically seem to appear on the floor, which can be hazardous to your child.  Therefore, you should always be aware of the environment that you create for your baby. Basically, even if you’ve taken every precaution today, three months from now a new set of risks may present themselves.  For example, as your child grows they will begin to reach things that were previously safely out of reach such as a silverware drawer or a doorknob.  Also, when a baby learns to crawl, cruise, and walk, new dangers will also accompany these developmental milestones.  Make sure you are always planning ahead and baby proofing, because children develop at different rates and anticipating the actions of your baby will help you to prevent accidents and unfortunate events. 

            It’s much easier to take some time to baby proof your home properly than to watch harm come to your child.  Especially harm that could have been prevented. 


NOTE:  All houses are not the same.  You should keep your eye out for any dangers that are specific to your own home.  Not all dangers are listed on this website.  It is meant to be a starter’s guide to baby proofing.

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