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Baby Proofing Tips

Baby Proof Your Bathroom

Baby proof - babyproof your bathroom

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            Baby proofing your bathroom is extremely important.  There are several possible dangers in the bathroom that you need to baby proof and some of them are less obvious than others.  In other words, you should take the time to examine the room with great detail. 

            Your baby will probably spend most of their bathroom time in the tub so that’s where we will begin. The first thing you need to remember is to never ever leave your baby unattended in the water.  Don’t leave your baby alone for even one second.  Not to answer the phone, not to take dinner out of the over, NEVER.  Also make sure to keep electrical appliances, like a radio or hair drier, out of the baby’s reach. Babies are very curious and they like to grab a hold of things like cords; therefore, make sure that the hair drier or any other electrical device is out of reach.  In addition, you want to make sure to use soaps, creams, shampoos, and powders that are appropriate and safe for your baby.  Basically, you don’t want any harmful chemicals in the bath with your baby.  When you baby proof, you should always be aware of what chemicals may be in the area.  Harsh hand soaps that don’t affect you may cause serious irritation to your baby’s sensitive skin.  When bathing your child, make sure that the tub is free of any harsh soaps or cleanser residue.   When you check the water temperature make sure to check the temperature with your whole arm.  Checking with your finger tips can be deceiving since the nerve endings are generally not as sensitive in your hands.  What feels warm to your hands may well be too hot for your baby’s skin.  If you are still unsure about the temperature of the water, you can purchase a baby bath thermometer for a reasonable price.  Lastly, when you bathe with your baby, make sure that you get out of the tub and on dry stable ground before you pick your baby up.  A slip and fall accident while holding your baby could be tragic.

            Another thing to look out for when baby proofing your bathroom, is the medicine cabinet.  While most babies will have no realistic way to reach into a medicine cabinet, it’s still a good idea to keep it locked.  Eventually, your child will be able to climb on the counter and have access to a plethora of medications, which is why it’s a good idea to take care of this threat before it’s a problem.  Another thing to keep in mind is where and when you take your medicine, if you take any.  Babies are constantly exploring and absorbing what is around them and they develop socially and cognitively through imitation.  Therefore, it is safe to say that you should not take medications in front of your baby. Don’t give your baby the idea that putting pills in your mouth is good.

            Another good idea is to have an area designated for cleaning products; keeping the bathroom cleansers, kitchen cleansers, and any other cleanser in one location is ideal.   There is no point in worrying about poison in several areas of your house.  If you keep them all together it’s easier to keep your baby away from them.

            Like any room in your house make sure to look around your bathroom closely.  There are a lot of things that could be dangerous to a child.  You need to use your imagination when baby proofing.  If you see any possible danger, do something about it before it’s too late.  You may want to try to keep the bathroom door closed throughout the day in order to prevent the baby from coming in contact with possible hazards and for peace of mind.  It may be a small inconvenience to have to knock on the door to make sure that the bathroom is unoccupied, but it’s a good way to be sure that your baby is safe. 

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