Safe New Baby Baby Proofing Tips

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Baby Proofing Checklist

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¨     Electrical outlets are covered

¨     Cleansing products are in a locked cabinet or in an area that the child cannot get to (e.g. garage)

¨     Cords (blinds, draperies, electrical) are out of reach

¨     Tables/furniture have rounded edges or plastic bumpers

¨     Breakable items are removed from lower shelves

¨     Shelves are installed with secure L brackets

¨     Play areas are free of small items

¨     Cover all heaters

¨     Block all access to windows and mirrors that aren’t shatterproof

¨     Remove all slippery throw rugs

¨     Make sure that all poisonous plants are removed

¨     Examine furniture to make sure that it is stable and in good repair

¨     Place locks on all cabinets containing items that are inappropriate or dangerous to a baby

¨     Beware of toys with small parts (buttons on stuffed animals, zippers, and bells)

¨     Be sure that toys are not painted with or contain substances that could be toxic to the child

¨     Remove all broken furniture and toys immediately

¨     Toy chests have air holes and safety lids.

¨     The crib is placed in such a way that the child cannot reach shelves, windows, or electrical outlets

¨     Remove mobiles and bumpers if the child can pull him or herself to a standing position

¨     Remove all unnecessary blankets or stuffed animals from the child’s crib

¨     Make sure all cribs and other baby furniture meet consumer protection safety standards


 NOTE: This baby proofing checklist is meant to be a starting point.  We recommend that you add to it for any specific baby proofing that your home may require.

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